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User manual


The Training lights app is available on Google Play and the App Store. You can download it by scanning the QR code on the right or using the links below.

Stripe control

Red button - Turns off the stripe. When the button is pressed, all the LEDs on the stripe should flash red to indicate that the stripe is off.

Green button - Turns on the stripe. When pressed, the LEDs on one side of the stripe light up. The number of LEDs indicates the stripe number for the last paired device, so it does not necessarily mean that you will use it under this number.

Blue button - Used to put the stripe in pairing mode. The button needs to be held down for a long time, after a while the strap will flash blue and at this moment the strap can be paired with any device with the Training lights application. After pairing, the stripe is assigned to the phone and cannot be connected from another until you put it back in pairing mode.


Connecting stripes to an application


Turn on all the stripes you want to use with the green button


Open the application and go to the “Connect stripes” section by pressing the button indicating the tape connection status. 


To find out the current status of the stripe connections, press the “Search for stripes” button at any time during the connection process.

Unpaired stripes

To connect to the application for the first time, you must first pair the stripes. Stripes can only be paired with one application at a time. If you want to connect the tapes to another device, you must always pair the tapes.

Caution - If you do not have the stripe listed in pairing mode or you have not already paired it with the application, the stripe will not be offered to you in the application.

Pairing process:

  1. Hold down the blue button on the stripe to put it in pairing mode.

  2. You should see a card for this stripe in the “To pair” section of the application.

  3. Press the “+” icon to pair the stripe with the application.

  4. The stripe is now paired with the application and you should see the stripe card in the "My Stripes" section.

  5. All stripes are paired.

    1. You can see the tabs of all the stripes in the "My stripes" section


This phase is the most critical in the connection process. If you are unable to complete any of the parts even after several attempts, first try restarting the stripes or the application and go through the process again. If you are still unable to connect the stripes, contact our support.

Connection process:

It is assumed that all tapes are paired - you can see the art of all tapes in the "My stripes" section .

  1. Connect the tapes by pressing the "Connect" button.

  2. Once connected, each tape is assigned a number, which is indicated by the number of LEDs on that tape.

  3. You can see all the connected stripes and their battery states on the screen.
    (third screenshot in a row)

  4. The stripes are now connected to the application and you can start controlling them.


The main stripe is the only one that communicates with the application and controls all other stripes. If this stripe is disconnected, the entire connection will fall and will need to be re-established.


How to charge?

To charge the battery, use the Micro USB stripe connector next to the buttons and the included cables, which allow you to charge up to 4 stripes at the same time.

For maximum performance, use an adapter with a current of at least 2A .

How do I know that the stripes are charging?

The stripe is in charging mode when the LEDs indicating the stripe number are flashing ( orange - the battery is charging, green - the battery is fully charged).

Where can I find out the battery status?

You can find out what percentage of the battery of individual stripes remains in the application after they are connected. This indicator only works properly when the stripe is not in charging mode.


Manual control

You can control the stripes manually. This is a simple intuitive variant of the driver, where there is one button for each stripe in the application. You can change the color or number of the stripe to the buttons, which lights up with that color when pressed. You can access the manual controller from the initial screen of the application.

Automatic control

The second way you can control the stripes is automatic training and you can also access them through the home screen.

You will prepare these trainings in advance or use a pre-prepared template and start it later at any time. The advantage of this option is that the application automatically sends instructions to the stripes so you can fully concentrate on your work. 


You configure your training by adding cards of various events using the " +" button to create a sequence. You can change the number of times the sequence is to be performed or the length of the delay between the individual sequences at the top of the screen. Depending on the type of event, you set the stripes to which the event will apply, the color that the stripes will light up, or the duration of the event.


Event types are:

  • Flashing - All the stripes you mark on the card light up.

  • Random - The application randomly selects one of the marked stripes and it lights up.

  • Pause - The amount of time the stripes are off.

Suitable for alerting players to prepare for an action.

  • Preparation  - All stripes light up fully and the brightness decreases slowly as long as you set them in the card until the stripes go out completely.


When starting the training, it is advisable to have the same number of stripes for which the training is intended connected, otherwise it will not work well for you. 

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